Sri Balaji Dosa Corner - 99 Varieties of Dosa in Koramangala

this is one of the most different street food joints i have been to in bangalore ! slick, hygienic and most importantly very super tasty dosas. not for the light hearted as there are hearty doses of butter in the dosa !

ambiance: 7/10 for the carefree street ambience   taste: 8/10   price: reasonable for tasty dosas

- mario jerome

well.. it was one fun evening.. with great company and with one big question.. which of the 99 dosa should we have ? 9 of us.. 10 each !

if you are looking for authentic dosa.. this is not the place, but to freak out with what u  can stuff into ur dosa.. then sure.. aloo, paneer, gobi, noodles, chocolate (which was not available  today) etc are few of them. u don’t get  much of the dosa experience as it’s full of everything else.. so it’s no more dosa at the end of it. so i did try the plain masala dosa.. which was just average with too much onion in it,  to which i preferred my previous ‘dry aloo dosa ’ ( more like fried potato wedges dosa ) !

overall, loved the attention that place got, love the host, loved my company and i sure did have loads of fun.

ambiance: 7/10   taste: 4/10   price: 7/10

- george seemon

this is an experience no one should miss. 99 varieties of dosa served on the streets of koramangala ! this cart adds so much character to the experience. right from the owner; a polite lady with a smiley face - rattling off the 99 varieties of dosas available.. to the little boy fanning flamed charcoal to heat up the dosa pans.. to their very own version of “tissue paper”. the dosas were neither tamilian nor udupi style, they had a very “mumbai” like cosmopolitan taste to them. although i wasn’t a great fan of the taste, i was definitely impressed with their colourful dosas !

ambiance: 6/10  taste: 4/10  price: Rs.500 for 12 dosas. you do the math :-D

- pavandeep singh

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