CTR certainly lived up to all the hype it’s gotten ! in my opinion the best dosa we’ve tasted so far. the batter tasted divine and the dosa was crisp and perfectly fried. the ambience of the place was old bangalore-ish which i loved but even for a patient bloke like me nearly 20 mins to serve up a plain dosa was pushing it ! but it was definitely worth the wait once i tasted the dosa !

ambience: 7/10 taste: 8.5/10 price: 7/10

- mario jerome

ahaa..finally CTR after all the requests sent to us to visit the place.. and i must say was not at all disappointing. dosas here are yummy, one of the better ones we’ve had so far. it reminded me a lot of the “davangere benne dosa” it was buttery (i guess that made it more yum), it was crisp and the right size which, by the way leaves you enough room to have another. well i tried the set dosa next and it was good as well, it may look a bit thick, but was in fact very soft and tasty as well. they don’t give you sambar just two kinds of chutney for the dosas. the only disappointing point in the restaurant is that the service is very slow and that was quite frustrating especially when the dosa is so good, you really wonder if you can wait for another one. the plates were like these plastic ones (more like cafeteria kinds ) so i guess that takes some points away from the ambiance or the feel of the place. but again.. dosas here are worth the wait…

ambiance: 7/10 taste: 8/10 price: 7/10

- george seemon

CTR has been the best dosa we have tried so far. it was loaded with butter, extremely crisp and served with two kinds of chutney; both delicious. a true dosa connoisseur believes dosas are meant to be eaten with chutney and not sambar as served in most restaurants. i guess CTR understands this better than no other.

overall, the dosa was definitely worth the 25 min wait !

ambience: 5/10 taste: 8/10 price: 7/ 10

- pavandeep singh